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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aloe Vera is Essential in Chickenkeeping

One of the most powerful natural healing plants for animals and humans is Aloe Vera. I use it on myself, my chickens, and my dogs and cats. It works great for healing the skin and is safe directly applied to burns.  In my experience, aloe works faster at healing than Neosporin.  It is safe to put directly into eyes and acts as a lubricant and fights infection.  Using the fresh gel directly from the plant is most beneficial.  If you cant grow the plant , or source fresh gel, try to make sure the product you buy is as close to 100% pure as possible.
Aloe has also been known to help with coccidiosis. Here is a link to an article.

In studies in the Phillipines, Aloe has been known to increase growth and final weight in broiler chickens when given to them in their water.

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